Chris Soules continues to address tough questions about his April 2017 arrest.

As you’ll recall, the former Bachelor virtuoso was

Soules described the panic which took over instants after the clang has come to GMA ‘ s Michael Strahan . He said 😛 TAGEND

” Alls I remember is waking up and are saying,’ I need improve .’ That’s all I knew is something bad had happened and I needed assistance .”

It wasn’t long before Strahan asked the big question: why did Chris flee the background?

The reality TV personality detailed a series of occasions which included announcing 9-1-1, administering CPR on Mosher, and waiting for paramedics to arrive before ultimately deciding to leave. While note he had” nothing to hide ,” Soules continued 😛 TAGEND

” I don’t known better I was thinking clearly. I notified the authorities of what had happened, the paramedics is everything, but now I know I was scared and wanted to be in a safer target. I exactly went home. When I left I called my parents. You know, they’re both in consensus[ and] just said,’ Call an attorney.'”

The Bachelorette alum was later arrested on a felony cost for fleeing the stage of a deadly collision. A years later in 2018, Chris entered a guilty request to one count of leaving the scene of a personal injury incident — which is an exasperated misdemeanor.

Additionally, in August, he agreed to a two-year probation sentence for its membership in the wreck.

Soules too allayed charges he had been drinking before the accidents and offered an explanation for the partially expended receptacles of booze which police is available in the vehicle 😛 TAGEND

” The detail is the truck is not quarry. It’s not even in my appoint. We apply over 15 beings and those cans could have been anybodys. There were four onlookers that swore under oath that they assured no evidence of me appearing to be intoxicated or under the influence of any sort of drug or booze .”

He mentioned 😛 TAGEND

” The knowledge is I was never charged with causing the accident. I was charged with leaving the scene of a serious injury accident. A soldier did die and that was a tragedy. My sentence is living with this for the rest of my life. The convict is replaying that minute standing there on the pavement and strolling up to a serviceman that wasn’t breathing … knowing I was involved in that — that’s the convict that I’ve been given .”

The former ABC leading acknowledged he still grips with unhappines for his part in the tragedy 😛 TAGEND

” I wishing I could have saved their own lives. I please I wouldn’t have been on that road. I can only hope you know I did everything I could .”

WATCH their sit-down conversation( below ):

Earlier this month, the Iowa native told People he’s eager to move on with his life after the agony and hopefully forge a relationship with Mosher’s lineage. He acknowledged 😛 TAGEND

” I’ll living a life in[ what happened] forever … But I will carry on, and as a result of the misfortune, do something bigger and better with “peoples lives” .”

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[ Image via Good Morning America/ ABC News/ YouTube ]

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