Whoa !!!

Richard Hammond, the former multitude of the infamous Top Gear television show, was disabled and closely escaped a far worse fate when his race car disintegrated on Saturday in Switzerland and burst into flames.

The 47 -year-old driver was hastening today in a segment for his Amazon Prime show, The Grand Tour, when his electric car lost dominance and threw down over a hill.

Luckily, Hammond was able to climb out of the car before it burst into flames — he allegedly suffered a fractured knee, and was airlifted to the hospital, but based on the wholly charred and burned-out auto that was the result … stuffs could have been worse.

Here’s video from the seeming accident, testifying Hammond losing self-restraint privilege before a turn on a mountain( below ):

Wow !!!!

Pretty wild material — exactly glad Hammond wasn’t severely injured.

[ Image via YouTube .]


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