Russia 2018 will be the 21 st World Cup. The predating 20 tournaments have thrown up a legion of drastic and contentious instants. CNN Sport picks out 11 of them that continue to be talked about to this day.

The 1966 publication of the World Cup offered a helter-skelter final at Wembley, the spiritual dwelling of football. West Germany opened the scoring before being pinned back by England, where it was went on to take the advantage. Germany came back bravely to equalize late, building the score 2-2 and transporting video games into extra meter. And then came the arguing.

Running onto a cross from Alan Ball, England’s Geoff Hurst controlled the ball and shot high-pitched, hitting the keeper but smacking the crossbar. The ball bounced straight-shooting down, manufacturing it virtually impossible to tell if it had traversed the line. Hands from both sides shot up and a tense few minutes followed, with the Soviet linesman, Tofik Bakhramov of Azerbaijan, first disclaiming the goal and then, following consultation with the adjudicator, allowing it.

After that, deflated and on tired legs, the West Germans granted Hurst the run of the lurch as jubilant England advocates constituted their style over the advertising hoardings. British commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme summing-up it up when he breathed the far-famed boundary: “Some people are on the tar. They think it’s all over, ” as the unlikely hat-trick hero Hurst hammered home a fourth for England. “It is now! ” Wolstenholme concluded.

The fourth destination employed the pair beyond West Germany for good, closing the Jules Rimet trophy for England, on dwelling clay for the first and only meter.


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