Fadi Fawaz has once again made shocking claims about his late ex George Michael.

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Here’s what the 45-year-old had to say over a set of emotional Instagram posts, per Metro:

Fadi says the international pop star was addicted to GHB — aka as liquid ecstasy — when they met and later crack cocaine when the pair started dating. Michael was taken to hospital in Vienna in 2011 for pneumonia, which Fadi says was a negative major turning point in the songwriter’s drug use.

He claims George had begun to use GHB again “more discreetly.” He says every day he would “come down in the morning and find George passed out in the chair or on the floor near the fire with his tea.”

Fadi even alleges George tried to kill himself on 2013 by throwing himself out of a car. The incident left Michael in Marylebone hospital ‘for a few months’ where Fadi says:

“He wanted to die so badly and it was powerful to hear him say that. I think life stopped for him a long time ago.”

On finding the star after an attempt, he wrote:

“I thought that’s it, he finally did it and I finally saw him dead in his bed. I always begged him not to do this but he was so depressed. All he wanted to do was die. He has tried to kill himself four times whilst in rehab he tried to stab himself 25 times. He never told me how he did it when he was taken for three days to Marylebone. I would say aren’t you glad May 16th didn’t happen, referring to one suicide attempt, and he would say no.”


These are very sensitive and shocking allegations.

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If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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