Im going to be nice tonight, he promised the assembled Hollywood luminaries a hope that expired approximately once sentence later

Im going to be nice tonight, Ricky Gervais promised the assembled Hollywood luminaries in the Beverly Hilton Hotels ballroom a predict that expired nearly once sentence later.

The actor, comedian and Hollywood bete noire left the cinema and television industries biggest idols gasping in sicken, enthrall and suffering with an opening monologue at the 73 rd annual Golden Globe Awards that poked fun at everyone from Caitlyn Jenner to Jennifer Lawrence to Roman Polanski to Matt Damon.

Ive changed, Gervais testified. Not as much as Bruce Jenner , now Caitlyn Jenner, of course. What a year shes had! She became a role model for trans people everywhere, testifying great gallantry in breaking down railings and destroying stereotypes. She didnt do a lot for women drivers, but you cant do everything.

The reference to the accident caused by Jenner in which a driver died when Jenner disintegrated into a Lexus, which in turn gate-crashed into a Hummer got a distinctly mixed reaction in the area and on social media.

After taunting multitude system NBC for receiving zero nominations this year, as well as actress Lawrences push for equal paid under Hollywoods female stars, Gervais also landed a particularly contentious pierce on Adam Sanders Pixels, the uber-flop that Gervais labeled less entertaining than Schindlers List .

But beyond industry in-jokes, the comedians sharpest threads were aimed squarely at the opening ceremony itself.

As the unofficial outset occasion of awards season, the Golden Globes are typically been to be considered as lighter charge or, as Gervais would apply it, worthless.

As if film stars would stay away from opportunities of winning a Golden Globe particularly if their film companionships have already paid for it, Gervais said. If you do acquire tonight, be kept in mind that no one cares about that apportion as much as you do. OK? Dont get psychological its embarrassing. That apportion is , no offense, worthless.

And Gervais is well known as he told the assembled hotshots, hes got three. Ones a doorstop, one I use to hit burglars with, and the others on my nightstand … Gervais trailed off, implying that the statuette had been reduced to the role of a marriage aid.

Gervais later clarified: To be clear, that was a prank about me shoving a Golden Globe, that Ive acquired, up my arse.


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