Teenage auto crash martyr nicknamed for the two Grateful Dead ticket stubs in his pocket ultimately marked more than 20 years after he was killed in Virginia

A car crash victim who became known as Grateful Doe because of two Grateful Dead ticket stubs in his pocket has been identified more than 20 years after he was killed, permissions said on Thursday.

DNA evidence had reaffirmed that the man whose identity remained a mystery for two decades is Jason Callahan of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, said Arkuie Williams, a spokesman for the Virginia medical examiners office.

Callahan was 19 when he was killed in southern Virginia in 1995. His injuries made him unrecognisable and his organization was never claimed.

In recent years, the Grateful Doe whodunit captured the attention of internet sleuths, who established pages dedicated to solving the suit and circulated a computer-generated image of his face.

It was through those places that Callahans clas recognised him and contacted governments, said Shannon Michelson, his half-sister, who live in New Jersey.

Michelson said she was both relieved and happy that her subjects surrounding her brothers disappearance had finally been answered.

Im glad it was solved, but Im also incredibly sad because I craved so badly to reconnect with him, said Michelson, who said she was among various family members who submitted their Dna to improve substantiate his identity.

She said she had not pictured Callahan since she was a child, when their papa and his mother separated.

Callahans father filed a missing persons report for her son with the Myrtle Beach police department in January.

She told authorities she had not heard from her son since June 1995, when he left to follow the Grateful Dead, according to the report.

Lt. Joey Crosby said she told officials she did not know where he had been travelling and wasnt sure where to file the report.

Callahans mother did not immediately respond to a theme from the Associated Press on Thursday.

Michelson said Callahan often ran away from residence and his mothers just assumed he was living on his own somewhere.

No one ever thought to report him missing since they are thought he wanted to be missing, Michelson said.


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