Sure, its marvelous to investigate a sixtysomething girl get modelling gigs. Its magnificent that a trans girl is being lauded as a grace icon. But. BUT

Its been almost a year since Caitlyn Jenner “re coming out” as a trans wife in a TV interrogation, so gives keep up with this former Kardashian clan member and see how things have been leading since. Only last week it was announced that she is to be the model for H& M Sport, the supermarkets athletic-wear string. As is the modern behavior, Jenner announced the information on her Instagram note, praising awareness-raising campaigns as amazing and invigorating. This follows public announcements last month that Jenner has partnered up with MAC cosmetics , for a donation lipstick to raise money for trans communities.

Well done, everyone! announced one website. Truly, the emoji of mitts clapping “couldve been” the symbol for all coverage to be applied to Jenner. Sure, its excellent to verify a sixtysomething maiden get modelling gigs. Its splendid that a trans dame is being lauded as a charm icon. Its flat out magnificent that a way brand is making such an effort to support trans parties. But. BUT.

The steep arc rise of trans claims has been stimulating to witness as an outsider and, I can only imagine, excessively heartening to those in the trans community, who have for so long suffered outright abuse. Jenner has become the cipher through which media shops testify how modern the objective is, lauding everything she does as inspirational, amazing, and all the other buzzwords of the BuzzFeed generation.

It could be argued that this rush to hyperbole is the due corrective for centuries of transphobia, which still very much prevails. Yet not a single other trans party on this planet has enjoyed the privilege and public goodwill that Jenner has received since she came out. Furthermore, real equality comes from being treated not as a special case, but as an equal. While the biggest issue for most trans people remains achieving acceptance, Jenner has long since voyaged over that overcome. So makes plow her as the equal she has said she desires to be.

Last February, Jenner was driving her SUV in Malibu and collided with two gondolas, killing 69 -year-old Kim Howe. You probably havent heard much about this sad mess, because it doesnt fit in with the national media nervy narrative about inspirational Caitlyn. If “youve had”, it will probably through the joke Ricky Gervais cracked at the Golden Globes about Jenner not doing a lot for women moves. He was widely criticised for that, because apparently making a parody is worse than being involved in the death of the status of women. After the accident Jenner said she was praying for Howes family. Of more solace to them might well the financial settlement she agreed to pay Howes stepchildren.

Although investigators is of the view that Jenner had been travelling at an unsafe rapidity for road conditions, prosecutors eventually declined to bring charges against her, choosing there was not enough attest to assure a conviction. But Im curious to know how many other women who had been in road traffic accidents that left other women dead are, nine a few months later, named one of Glamour publications Women Of The Year, as Jenner was.

But coincidences happen. So tells to know Jenner as person or persons, as to report to deifying her as a plaster saint. On her reality TV appearance last week, I Am Cait, Jenner, a lifelong Republican, claimed that Donald Trump would be very good for womens rights. This “wouldve been” Trump who is anti-abortion, calls dames fat pigs, describes breastfeeding as disgusting, opposes union equality and once taunted a trans allure contender on Tv. As a label strongly associated with lesbian rights and equality, Id love to know how many other Trump fans MAC hires for its advertisements.

No one should ask perfection of anyone. But one of the best things about the breathtakingly bright Tv succession Transparent was how the trans attribute, Maura, was depicted with all her human flaw: her racisms, such privileges and pettiness. By compare, Jenner is treated like a cute trans domesticated, with the national media patting her on the president and not listening to a word shes speaking. They cant even listen her statements over the applause theyre yielding themselves for is just so open-minded. There are billions of trans people out there who dont endorse politicians actively despotic to maidens, gay and trans people. But, dazzled by Jenners proximity to the Kardashians, the broadcasters and the big-hearted firebrands obstruct staring at her above all, without actually seeing her.

Im not a spokeswoman for[ the trans] community I am not. The media employs me in that stance. I am only a spokesperson for me, Jenner has said, with admirable self-awareness. Its not often I can say that anyone could learn from a Kardashian, but some people could take a lesson here.


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