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‘Half-Headed’ Florida Man Arrested On Arson, Attempted Murder Charges


( Miami-Dade County Sheriff’s Office)

A Florida man with a deformed skull, who became known as the “half-headed man, ” was arrested Monday on arson and first-degree struggled murder commissions, WSVN reported.

Miami police said in an arrest report Carlos Rodriguez, 31, prepared his mattress on fire at a duplex Monday afternoon, which had two beings inside at the time.

According to the arrest report, the barrage was intentionally specified, “posing an immediate menace to the lives and safety of the occupants.”

Rodriguez is contained in bail courtroom, Tuesday, where a magistrate contributed him $20,000 attachment, WSVN reported.

Rodriguez become an internet sensation in 2012 when he appeared in a YouTube video explaining how he lost a large portion of his psyche and skull in a gondola crash.

I was prohibited out on medications. I was driving, and I punch a spar and ran out the front space and property on my brain, ” he mentioned at the time.

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