Several weeks after the adorable little girl first entered hospice caution, Adelaide Cervantes passed away on Saturday morning, pointing the three-year-old’s agonizing battle with epilepsy.

Now, her parents — Hamilton wizard Miguel Cervantes and his wife, Kelly Cervantes — are in mourning after their beloved daughter’s death. The three-year-old was first diagnosed with epilepsy after endure her first convulsion back when she was just seven months age-old — and now, tragically, she’s gone. Ugh … this is so, so sad.

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Kelly shared a harrowing picture of the little girl’s room on Sunday, one day after her go, with the bed made and everything still hung up like you’d expect to find in any little girl’s room( below ):

Miguel released an official family statement about Adelaide’s death on Sunday to ET , as well, opening up a little bit more about the distressing loss( below ):

” The Cervantes kinfolk is heartbroken announced today that their baby girlfriend Adelaide Grace passed away early Saturday morning. She was held in the loving arms of her family as she quietly achieves the’ calm’ for which they’ve been searching for so long. They would like to extend their deepest, fervent gratitude to all who have reached out with statements of the assistance provided and devotion and will continue to feel all the love as they go through these difficult times .”

We can’t even imagine what this family is going through right now.

Not even two weeks later, the actor shared an adorable moment to social media — a plaster cast molding of their son and daughter deeming mitts( below ):

That caption about his wife warning the thespian not to break the mold provides a neat, funny touch to the whole thing, but clearly all we can do is imagine how priceless and important that mold is now to the family.

The couple — and their young son, Jackson ( portrait in the photo at the top of this pole along with Miguel and Adelaide) — are going through an unimaginable period right now, and we send all of our adoration and condolences. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with them, and with Adelaide.


[ Image via Kelly Cervantes/ Instagram ]

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