London( CNN) As so often, it all started with a tweet. This specific one was posted on the morning of November 27 last year.

As writers around the world scrambled to publish their already half-written fibs, Kensington Palace — home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge( Prince Harry’s brother and sister-in-law) — retweeted the notice.

A series of carefully crafted berths followed, offering tantalizing snippets of information about the upcoming nuptials and reaction from own family members.

The 3.3 million followers of the Palace Instagram account were also treated to paintings and a video time of the couple — since “liked” hundreds of thousands of times.

Just a few hours later, the couple were on television revealing details of the proposal and Markle’s first meeting with the Queen( and her corgis ) — and a few periods after that, they were on their first official walkabout, convening members of the public.

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In the months since the edict, the Palace’s social media chronicles have fed the insatiable press and public a steady food of wedding-related news and representations, from details about who are able bake the marry cake to proclamations about the road of the bridal procession and the musicians chosen to perform at the ceremony.


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