Its difficult to grasp the severity of someonesheroin addiction until you recognize how much the drug is indirectly changing their loved ones especiallywhen children are involved.

We got a reality check last week when distressing photographs of aman and the status of women passed out in their automobile with a 4-year-old brat in the backseat were released by the City of East Liverpool on Facebook.

Both adultshad reportedlyoverdosed, “and childrens” has been given a new home in South Carolina with his great-aunt and great-uncle, according to NBC News.

Unfortunately, this child was not the last one to be dangerously exposed to heroin cravings this week.

Heartbreakingphotos of a police officer maintaining a 2-month-old baby, who they hadrescued from an alleged heroin-induced automobile gate-crash, were exhausted on Twitter by the Miami Police Department.

Its been reported by ABC News that the move and the mother of the childmay have overdosed on heroinon Monday afternoon, which effected the accident that left both adults unconscious and incoherent.

The police department soon detected the infantin a gondola seat in the back of private vehicles and began to care for it.

Ignatius Carroll, Captain ofMiami Department of Fire-Rescue, told WPLG the conditions of the newborn. He said,

The child appeared to be somewhat awake, but very hot, very sweaty.

The Miami PD posted on Twitterthe child was put into thecustody of the Florida Department of Children and Familieson Monday but we mustnt forget the care that the child received from the police directly after the crash.

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