OWN EXCLUSIVE: With only 6 instances built to this day, the Hennessey Poison GT could be considered the fastest street vehicle on the planet. Built off the Lotus Exige, this tuner auto packs a 1200+ horsepower punch with a theoretical top speed of 272mph. Host Matt Farah takes a fast ride in the million buck Texas developed supercar for the Season 3 premiere of TUNED on DRIVE.


  1. for the amount of views this guy gets and if we help each other one dollar
    to everyone of us we make 5.6 million and be able to buy the venom gt and
    then some lol

  2. They have a twin turbo Viper engine(8,4 liter V10) in that thing and it
    only produces 1244bhp, the koenigsegg one:1 has a twin turbo 5 liter V8
    with 1360 bhp. And the Koenigsegg has a better interior, it pulls 2G in the
    corners and has 600kg of downforce at 250kph. This car is overrated and
    will probably blow op in the corners. #Koenigseggissuperior

  3. Love to Hennessey for this. The veyron was nice in reaching 400kph but it
    just looked like a heavy block of cement with the aerodynamics of a pre
    2001 twin tower. An amazing feat of engineering and a good reminder of the
    importance of power to weight.

    I do think however that in truth besides power to weight, when your goal is
    reaching the highest possible top speed, they need to look more into
    aerodynamics (and possibly making them dynamic, as in live adjusting
    downforce to current speed). The downforce this body generates at its top
    speed is probably way too much, hence slowing it down.

    • +BlackJackMulligan British engineering? Lmao nobody in Britain would have
      the bravery to build a car with 1200hp, a manual, no roof, and a 270mph top

    • The Hennessy Venom was constructed and developed in England and it’s a
      British Lotus. Also Britain is the global leader in race car construction
      and has held the land speed record for nearly 60 years in total. ( I think
      it’s about 18 years in total for America.)Britain’s bravery and engineering
      outstrips America easily.

  4. Ew I hope this guy doesn’t own one of these to just ruin it with the smell
    of his cigarettes. Disgusting habit to have.

    • +francis brown go buy 10 houses or build them and give them to family’s of
      neeed instead of buying a car and you would still have money left over vs
      the cost of that car

  5. The P51 Mustang, the Cobra, the Venom. it would appear that when you take
    some of our Brit parts, and some American parts….FUCKING WATCH OUT! I
    love this car……

  6. Surprised there’s no comments mentioning all the shadiness involving
    Hennessey, I would never trust the guy with my car personally.


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