We’re quite sure that fashion world will remember 2017 as year of the holographic trend. It all started with holographic nails and soon the holo colors have spread to various items of clothing, accesorries and now even hair!

Talented hairstylists from Ross Michaels Hair Salon seem to have been the first to bring the term “holographic” into the world of hair coloring. By mixing blond shades with pastel lavander, baby pink and bright blue they were able to get the desirable metallic holo effect. Since then, pictures of holographic hair started popping up in Instagram and Pinterest feeds making even unicorns jealous. 

You may have already seen similar haistyles titled “opal hair” but while the color scheme is similar, because of the recent “holographic everything” trend this hairstyle is here to rock this summer.

Are you sporting holographic hair? Post your pictures below, or vote on your favorite!

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