Chris Soules’

He reportedly was busted for minor in property of booze in 2001( when he was 19 -2 0 years old ), for wrongful apply of a license in 2002, and seven epoches for quickening between 2000 -2 012. He was even charged with leaving the vistum of industrial accidents once before in 2002, but that was later amended.

But those misdemeanors pale in comparison to the failure that could damn him to a carnage charge. As we previously reported, he’s already well underway busted for a DUI( though it was called an OWI in Iowa) back in 2005. He get 60 daylights in jail, a year probation, and a penalty of $500.

Doesn’t looks a lot like much of a penalty to us. But it could change everything for him now. Legal expert Troy Slaten explained to

Not good bulletin for Soules’ case if they can prove he had been drinking 😛 TAGEND

“If he decided to go out and get adversely affected by booze and followed up with drive, they can connote malice and say, ‘You knew how dangerous it was[ to booze and drive ], but you became and did it anyway. You had this indifference to human life. Therefore, you’re guilty of murder.'”

Iowa State Patrol will have to determine Soules was drinking and driving first, which may be difficult due to him leaving the incident. Clearly, that may even have been why he fled.

Soules was arraigned on Tuesday, so he’s definitely facing criminal charges. And we’ll know exactly which ones soon enough.

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