Sometimes being a firefighter is more than extinguishing flames.

In a report from Today, Arizona fireman Russell Whaley and his gang were responding to a two-car disintegrate committing a momma and her two children when Whaley noticed that the 4-year-old boy begin to get nervous assuring his mummy and sister hurt.

My son started getting perturbed and scared, enunciated Shana Pacheco, who’s 2-year age-old daughter was also receiving treatment. He was apprehensive interpreting me with an oxygen mask and all this material on me.

What Whaley decided to do next is the signed of a true-blue American hero 😛 TAGEND


” He was wearing a Ninja Turtles T-shirt, so we started talking about that ,” the firefighter told TODAY.” And the next situation I know, we have a work in front of us and he’s sitting on my lap and we’re reading a work on the side of the freeway .”

After everyone was tended to and Pacheco’s husband came to take them residence, she posted a thank you content on Facebook to remind people of the very best that still exists in this nature 😛 TAGEND


Kudos to the Chandler Fire Department and Russell Whaley for a heartwarming reaction that draws us proud to be Americans!


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