Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained and quickly behaved an undocumented boy on Wednesday, leaving behind his four children as well as his six nieces and nephews who were recently orphaned when their parents got into a car crash fleeing ICE.

The arrest of Celestino Hilario Garcia, 33, was the kind of ICE action that takes place every day. He has a criminal record for driving under the influence and was previously behaved to his native Mexico. It was clear that ICE already had had him in its sights. When ICE agents went to an apartment complex in Delano, California, in mid-March, the latter are “re looking for him”.

But returned what happened next that day, Hilario Garcia’s wife and local exponents deplored ICE’s decision to move forward with his removal.

On March 13, ICE agents departed go looking for Hilario Garcia and instead followed another man who fit his description: two brothers, 35 -year-old Santos Hilario Garcia, “whos” the car with his wife, 33 -year-old Marcelina Garcia Profecto. The two sped to get away from ICE, then strayed off the road and gate-crashed their auto. Both of them expired at the scene.

“We’re still not recovered from the loss, and now they divide us, ” said Celestino Hilario Garcia’s bride, who requested anonymity because she panics for her safe, in an interrogation in Spanish.

The immigrant and farmworker communities in the majority-Latino city were scandalized after the deaths, alleging ICE under President Donald Trump of being overly aggressive in following the couple. Some residents said they were afraid of leaving their dwellings after what happened.

On Wednesday morning, Celestino Hilario Garcia had just gotten into his gondola to go to work when ICE agents arrived and wailed at him to throw his hands up, his wife said. She and her youngest child, a 4-year-old girl, watched it happen while the other children were still asleep, she said.

By the end of the day, ICE had deported Hilario Garcia back to Mexico. His bride said he has chosen not to fight his removal because it could lead to his being locked up for years while the example played out — something he felt he could not do. He told her he didn’t feel like a criminal and just wanted to give a high quality of life to his children, she said.

“It’s not fair that this happened — first to my brother-in-law and now what they did to my husband, ” she said.

Santos Hilario Garcia and Garcia Profecto left behind six children, who range in age from 9 to 18 years old. Celestino Hilario Garcia’s spouse said the children are very close with her family.

“Yesterday when I spoke to them, they started to cry, ” she said, herself in tears.

“I have no idea how “peoples lives” will be from now on, ” she contributed. “How to help my boys get by. Right now I’m the only one, likewise attending for my nieces and nephews.”

An ICE spokesperson has recognized that eviction an official from ICE’s Fugitive Operation Team arrested Celestino Hilario Garcia on Wednesday. ICE previously conceded him voluntary return to Mexico — an alternative to eviction — seven days from 2002 to 2009, at which point an immigration adjudicate told his removal, and he was behaved, the spokesperson said. After re-entering the U.S ., he was extradited two seconds epoch a few months afterwards, according to ICE, which also said he has three criminal convictions for driving under the influence.

His wife said those convictions took place in 2011 and 2012.

After Santos Hilario Garcia and Garcia Profecto died, ICE accused California’s so-called sanctuary programmes restraint police partnering with expulsion attempts, saying the state’s statutes lead to more enforcement conducted in communities and arrests of people who were not initially their targets.

The United Farm Workers Foundation, which has been active in preaching for immigrants’ rights, criticized Celestino Hilario Garcia’s deportation as a new blow to the farmworker parish.

“Can ICE be more heartless in visiting even greater anguish upon this family that has already suffered so much? ” United Farm Workers Foundation Executive Director Diana Tellefson Torres said in a statement on Thursday. “How much crueler can Donald Trump’s immigration policies become? ”


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