In the near future I have plans to finally inspect the Middle East.Likeany adventure I embark on, my family and friendsexpress their perturb for my safety. Ive come to accept this as part of the travel-lifestyle package because generally itswith good intent.

However, lately its been taken to a whole other height based on the region of the world Ill be traveling to. Ive had beings straight up tell me not to become, and that its not worth my life because some sort oflife threatening event is imminent.

On one side I realize such concerns. On the other hand I exactly want to spew statistics and facts on the real risks of wander and howmass media indicates exclusively a fraction of the truth and should be taken with hundreds of cereals of salt.

But recently I envisaged,. Nonetheless unlikely and bothering it is to be told this, it is a real potential. And of course its morbid to talk about extinction, especially your ownbut consideringmy longevity is the thing Im requested information about most, I think its time to address it.

So, if “youre one” of those people who thinks that by traveling I am gambling “peoples lives”, I need you to know something.

Its okay .

Plenty of crazed happenings happen when you crusade to a brand-new home. I could be in a skydiving coincidence, or I could separate my cervix falling out of a tree in the Amazon.Icould have aheart attack from being too excited about authentic Italian pasta( this the most likely, honestly ). Terrorist attack or tuk-tuk accident, fatality is areality of life.

You may think by traveling Im purposely putting myself in harm’s method, but to me Im living my everyday lives. Each week your prerogative may be to walk your hound, go to work, and convene for coffee with your best friend. Mine just happens to be researching countries, proposing journeys, andgoing knowing circumstances I never dreamed of. Travel is my epoch to daytime, I dont see it as anything out of standards and norms or specially life-threatening.

The reality is, the individual is statistically more likely to be killed in a gondola crash going that morning coffee than someone is to be killed in an aircraft disintegrate or terrorist attack.

Yet you dont get Please dont drive to handiwork, its not worth your life! verse every day( because media doesnt sensationalize or politicize auto crashes cough cough ).

Im not saying Im traveling with the specific objectives of dyingin a flame of glory.But if I had to choose between risking my life by having adventures throughout the world, and living a safe lifewhere I have to sleep every night wondering if it was worth not taking the risk Well I think you already know my choice.

Of course I say this as a single woman with no children, whose parents are equally addicted to hurtle and very supportive of it. If I start a familyI may reconsider traveling so much better or to certain places. Though I hope that future pedigree is equally as empowered to travel with me, because by merely traveling you have the opportunity to learn and also contribute so much back.

But for now, you should knowif I croak while out on an adventure, dont cry for me! Because honestly, it prepares for agreat storyto tell, right ?

I hope I go out feeling as Benedict Cumberbatch didwhen he said,

Or how at least how MIA felt when she said,


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