The prospective fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is rubbernecking at its worst, but biography offers precedent for contests like these

At the height of UFC middleweight Anderson Silvas great career in 2009, he began lobbying to box Roy Jones Jr. It was Silvas dream, he said, and for a hour, other than a one-on-one bout with his clone, boxing Jones grew the Brazilians biggest aim. UFC chairperson Dana White spoke openly about knowing Jones. Of being friendly with Jones. And, while not quite understanding why anyone would want to see it, of wanting to deliver the contest for both Jones and Silva.

Of course, though Jones was willing, it didnt happen. Silva has chalked up the missed opportunity to the notion that White genuinely wasnt are of interest to obliging the contest because it would have set a precedent that future whizs might follow. White would lose control, Silva said, if he permitted athletes contracted to the UFC to speculation off into other parts of the fighting sports to search challenges.

By comparison, the interference generated around a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor has been tantamount to a fighter jet buzzing the Silva-Jones Cessna. The loudness of the hot give gang has meshed too well with the possibility of Mayweather and McGregor. The information that this same radical required Mayweather to contended Ronda Rousey doesnt mean anything. Its publication for publications sake and Mayweather-McGregor is prime textile. Nothing of the this changes the reality that Mayweather-McGregor is at least as unlikely to happen as Silva and Jones, perhaps less so, yet that didnt prevent The Spider from offering admonition to the impetuou Irish UFC star that wont provide anyone well.

Muhammad Ali fends off a knock from wrestler Antonio Inoki during their 1976 campaign. Photo: Hulton Archive/ Getty Images

McGregor has done a supreme undertaking be built his figure and his worth to the boasts and media worlds over a relatively short period of time in the UFC, where he has accumulated a 9-1 register and won loops in two load categories. Yet Silvas recommendation to him last week was to toss away MMA for a year, focus on boxing, and get that Mayweather fight. This is an unfortunate proposition for several reasons. First and foremost, it symbolizes McGregor wont be available to compete in MMA, which is where hes beloved and truly helpful. More importantly, its hard to is hypothesized that any amount of training would prepare him or anyone for that matter to be competitive against the boxing masterclass Mayweather is sure to unleash, even as age intrudes on Floyds specialized athleticism and skill.

Not only shouldnt McGregor do what Silva suggests, White shouldnt ask consumers to pay money for a comedy of a boxing contest , no matter how strong an MMA card he constructs underneath it in help. This was Whites suggestion as he offered McGregor and Mayweather $ 25 m apiece plus cuts of what most likely would be a massive pay-per-view drag that drags in suckers from all corners.

This sort of event “isnt that what” the UFC brand has been built on and thats not what MMA followers have come to expect from the leading promoter in the opening. And this is not what White said he substantiated during his 16 times as an MMA promoter, which at times included him railing against the unfortunate cash-grab outages of the boxing business. Yet here is he seemingly attempting to capitalize on precisely that scenario. Two known commodities, two entertainers, two large soldiers in their own, but males of different different disciplines and fortes. Conceded, its interesting in the same space the wreckage of a auto gate-crash is piled on the two sides of the road. But whats the moment of selling one boxing bout that results in an outcome almost everyone expects. Rubbernecking for dollars sounds like an horrid circumstance because it is.

For his part, famous boxing promoter Bob Arum believes White and Mayweather and McGregor are just talking to talk. Arum knows something about promoting enormous incidents and promoting ludicrous ones. He was with Muhammad Ali in 1976, when the heavyweight whale went to Tokyo for a was in accordance with pro fighting great Antonio Inoki. The rivalry fell short at the box office and is down as one of the few decisions in Alis career that saddened his devotees. This is a different world than Ali and Inoki knew in 76. Boxing in 2017 is not the duel boast anymore, and a mingle with mixed-fighting could be a boon to both firms. But the work requires done right.

Mayweather is no Ali, though. We know this based on his words and actions. Not exclusively did Ali take on all challenges, he sometimes, as is the case with Inoki, tried them out. Ali was also not above acting a fool, and flirting with ridicule to create a reveal and return gazes to boxing. Mayweather has built what he did by playing it smart and safe, and wouldnt it be freshening to visualize him actually risk something in this equation, particularly for the amount of compensation he asks?

The boxing great laughed at Whites proposal, which is now being posited on Fox Sports to Colin Cowherds show, because he told me that he wouldnt show up for less than $100 m insured. Thats Mayweathers prerogative since he changed accustomed to earning massive purses after many years perfecting his workmanship in the gym and contender. The undefeated boxer is free to do what he requires because that is the world he created for himself. McGregor is not because, as of now, he is contractually controlled by White and plainly cant prescribe expressions no matter how much he would like to believe hes on Mayweathers level , no matter how many automobiles or watches or duets of alligator shoes he buys.

If White is intent on making a spectacle and he are you all right could be considering the new UFC ownership has fiscal meridians it needs to meet this year he should promote something that were likely to actually induce sporting feel, that might leave the public titillated and better off for it. Agree to the boxing bout between McGregor and Mayweather, penalty. But likewise necessitate an MMA contest between them and let the chips fall where they were able. If they divide, which they likely would, promote the rubber match and ascertain the boast with a flip of the coin.

Who wouldnt pay to see that?

If this far-flung idea immediately makes any the expectations of viewing Mayweather and McGregor box remoter than it is now, so be it. Most levelheaded sees dont believe it will happen regardless, but at least dont litter the publics age by throwing around lowball presents in the press.


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