Family says auto gate-crash that left two relatives dead was attempt to silence alleged victim

A teenager who alleged she had been raped by a rule party official in India is critically injured in hospital after a car crash.

Two female relatives were killed in the disintegrate, which occurred on Sunday when a truck collided with their vehicle in Uttar Pradesh. Her lawyer was also badly injured.

Police said the collision appeared to have been an accident, but that they were investigating claims it may have been an attempt to silence the girl.

” We are analysing all the aspects, we are looking into call items and have recorded the declarations of eyewitness ,” said the state’s police chief, OP Singh.

The girl alleged she was crimes by Kuldeep Singh Sengar, a Bharatiya Janata party( BJP) lawmaker, in June 2017 after going to his house looking for a job. Her family said that for months the police were reluctant to register a complaint.

Last year, the girl doused herself in kerosene and attempted to self-immolate in protest at the alleged unwillingness of police to properly investigate her declarations. A day later her father died in police custody after he was admitted to hospital complain of abdominal hurting. The lineage claimed he had been drummed by Sengar, his brother Atul Singh Sengar and a group of supporters.

Uttar Pradesh, residence to 200 million people, is among the country’s poorest states and has a reputation for lawlessness.

The case, which elicited rallies across India, was is delivered to federal investigates who arrested Sengar last year. He has been in custody since and denies the allegations.

The girl’s mother said her family had been threatened and alleged the disintegrate was an attempt to silence her daughter.” It was not industrial accidents but a plot to eliminate all of us ,” she told the Press Trust of India news agency.” The son of a co-accused in the case, Shahi Singh, and another youth of the hamlet had warned us. They said that they will deal with us .”

Priyanka Gandhi, a chairman of the opposition parties Congress party, said the incident was scandalizing and questioned why Sengar was still a member of the BJP.

The National Commission for Women said it was seriously concerned by the incident and has called for a” free, fair and speedy investigation “.

Singh, the state’s police chief, said the truck was hastening, but that the clang” appears to be purely a traffic accident “. He rejected further remark while investigation into the cases led ahead.

Images of the truck published in Indian newspapers showed that its number platefuls had been covered over.

Nearly 40,000 rape events are reported every year, according to chassis, though activists say the real number is likely to be far higher. In 2017, a report by Human Rights Watch warned that survivors of crime often suffer mortification at police stations and hospitals, that police are often unwilling to register their complaints and that victims and witnesses receive little protection.

Agence France-Presse contributed to this report


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