Instagram influencer and YouTuber Gabbie Hanna faked going to Coachella in an elaborated programme, doing so to make a statement about how a lot of what beings realize on social media is fake.

” Social media is a lie ,” Hanna said.” I had the conclude,’ what if I could get the Coachella Instagram depicts without going to Coachella.'”

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Hanna documented how she did it in a YouTube video, which now has nearly 3 million views, the New York Post firstly reported. She first did a photoshoot at Marina del Rey, and then photoshopped the photos of herself into “Coachella.” She even formed her own “Coachella” wristband.

She was inspired by other influencers, many of whom counterfeited elaborate expeditions to places like Disneyland.

In the video, Hanna admits that she is not the biggest fan of Coachella. She also said that she doesn’t think a lot of other people who enjoy it either–they just go for the’ gram.

” There’s a lot of people who go to Coachella, who do not experience the experience, only because they’re going for Instagram draws ,” Hanna said.” And that to “i m feeling” traumatic .”

She said people spend tens of thousands of dollars and take weeks to prepare for Coachella. Hanna said that she even knows people who bring doubled the clothes to weekend one of Coachella to claim like they also went to weekend two.

” It feels like a lot of work for something you’re not bask ,” Hanna said.

She said this plot merely substantiated how easy it is to fake situations on social media.

” The whole experience I was living my best life at Coachella, I was certainly exactly sitting in this editing chair ,” Hanna said.” I know parties look at people on Instagram and social media, and they make,’ wow their life is impossibly perfect …’ so much better of it’s fake .”

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