Ugh. Once again, something beautiful ruined by ignorance.

On Saturday, Dallas teen Madison Duke posted a video on Twitter of her family surprising her boyfriend of 11 months with an incredible gift — a freakin’ car!

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Chris Hunter is struck speechless by the generosity of the act and proceeds to hug every single family member in a video that’s been viewed over 1.5 million times as of this writing.

Ch-ch-check it out (below):

So totally cute and sweet, right?

The million plus views inspired the young couple to start a YouTube channel and post their reaction to watching the viral vid:

Unfortunately, that’s where they started to see even more racism than on Twitter!

As someone pointed out to Madison:

Here are just a few of those, in case you can’t see:

Madison was taken aback:

Chris was a little less surprised:

So glad they’re handling it with strength and not letting it affect their love. It sounds like they have a lot going for them, and have some bright futures ahead!

We’re just going to follow their example and not curse out the horrible pieces of shit writing this soulless vitriol — and instead just remind everyone…


[Image via Twitter.]

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