Donald Trump is at it again!

America’s Orange Oaf is out at the G20 Summit this weekend, and while on stage with Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri, Trump up and decided to just walk away and ignore everybody’s wishes for him to, you know, stay there.

First, once off-stage in the video (above), there are reports that Trump muttered “get me out of here” to his handlers, which is both (a) embarrassing for the United States as Trump must interact with other foreign leaders, and (b) completely indicative of how NO ONE in the world likes our small-handed Cheeto-in-Chief.

Plus, as Splinter News has masterfully chronicled, this is like the 17th time Trump has wandered off to nowhere, for no reason, and gotten lost along the way.

No, seriously. Here’s a partial list…

Like when Trump wandered off during a meeting with Israel last year (below):

Or the time in Poland when Trump wandered away and out from behind bulletproof glass (!) to do… nobody knows what, exactly (below):


Or the time when — returning home on Air Force One — Trump completely missed the MASSIVE ARMORED CAR waiting to take him home parked literally right next to the plane (below):


And who could forget one of our personal favorites is the time Trump FORGOT TO SIGN A BILL INTO LAW and started to wander off (below):

How… Why… What…. So many questions…

But, like, seriously, WTF is going on here??? Hit us up in the comments (below) if you’ve got an idea, y’all…

[Image via YouTube.]

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