Jamie Foxx might have played the villain in the most recent “Spiderman” movie, but he went into full hero mode to save a man’s life on Monday.

According to TMZ, the “Django Unchained” star sounded a car gate-crash outside of his home in Hidden Valley, California and leapt into action formerly he saw a burning vehicle with the motorist trapped in the front seat.

Foxx’s representatives confirmed to The Huffington Post that the actor facilitated save the man’s life.

The accident reportedly occurred at 8: 30 p.m. on Monday night, when a car threw upside down after it thumped a trench because of skidding on soaking roads.

Foxx told the California Highway Patrol that he drew the man from the flame car and dragged him 30 feet away from the ruin. The performer instantly contacted the police before he attended to the victim.

TMZ reports that the man has been transported to a hospital, suffering from serious injuries and incenses.


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