Could this be the mother of all mother roles for Julia Roberts?

The new 55-second trailer for “Ben Is Back” squeezes economy-size emotion out of the Oscar winner and Lucas Hedges, who plays her son Ben.

Holly, played by Roberts, pulls up to her house, only to be stunned by Ben’s presence. “Oh my god,” she gasps as she prepares to exit the car. But we get the idea that this reunion will be a bit more complicated when one daughter (Kathryn Newton) says, “Mom, Mom, no, don’t!”

They hug hard.

According to the synopsis, 19-year-old Ben has come home for Christmas and is trying to stay clean, but his presence triggers a “turbulent 24 hours” that will test a “mother’s undying love for her son.”

Last year, Roberts played the overprotective mom of a boy with a deformed face in “Wonder.” This time, she may need even more powerful parenting skills.

You go, Julia.

“Ben Is Back,” directed by Peter Hedges, is scheduled to open Dec. 7.

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