Good for you,

Sources familiar with the situation say that Bieber was at a party hosted by Patrick Schwarzenegger on Saturday night, when a man walked in, saw a woman, and “went ballistic,” per reports. Party sources indicate the man may have been on drugs, and they woman in question may have been his ex-girlfriend.

Whatever the connection, the guy suddenly grabbed the woman by the throat and wouldn’t let go. That’s when Bieber and a few friends stepped in, and started screaming at the man to let her go — though the guy only allegedly screamed “Go fuck yourself” in response.

Eventually, though, Bieber hit the man in the face, and pushed him against the wall. The timing there finally allowed the woman to escape his death grip and run away.

The guy was thrown out of the party at that point, and later — while chasing a car that he believed Justin was riding in — the man was arrested by the cops.

Wow… what a night…

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