Kevin Hart has a long road to full retrieval ahead of him after suffering serious injuries in

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It’s definitely good bulletin to hear the comedian will ultimately be okay, but he’ll have to endure a heavy workload of physical rehab to get back to 100 percent. Hart will have numerous follow-up doctor’s appointments to make sure he is on the right path and things are healing properly, per generators that spoke to TMZ .

While this situation rackets so intense, it goes without saying things could’ve turned out space worse for Kevin! Initially, insiders in the know claimed the back harm “is not a spinal cord injury, ” and the starring has thus far been “able to walk and move his extremities.” That optimistic report wasn’t enough for doctors though, who later chose it was necessary to operate on the Night School performer and stabilize his precondition.

However, when the outlet caught up with the star’s wife, Eniko Hart , outside research hospitals on Sunday morning, she seemed confident the funnyman was “going to be just fine .”

As we told you when the fib firstly violated, the 40 -year-old actor was riding shotgun in his beloved 1970 Plymouth Barracuda when the driver of the car lost command of motor vehicles abruptly, strayed off the road, and ran it into a furrow below. The vehicle was completely destroyed, though thankfully, the operator and its passengers all survived.

The driver, Jared Black , too sustained serious injuries as a result of the clang; he was reportedly pinned down within the vanquished vehicle until emergency services arrived with the assistance. We’re told he’s been at UCLA Medical Center in western Los Angeles, recovering with family members circumventing him. A lady reputation Rebecca Broxterman — who is Black’s fiance and Hart’s wife’s personal tutor — was also involved in the gate-crash and was pinned to the backseat when the crash happened. Luckily, it appears Broxterman did not sustain any life-threatening injuries.

Police were later able to determine that Black “was not under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collision.” However, governments are reportedly looking into excess hasten as a possible crusade of the wreck. A witness within earshot of the collision said they heard tires whining — like private vehicles was peeling out — before hearing a loud boom.

We continue to send positive guess to everyone and will continue to follow this story as it develops.

[ Image via Arturo Holmes/ WENN ]

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