Image copyright Hussein Sharaf Image caption Hussein Sharaf has been reunited with his five-month-old cat Bruno

A kitten which was flung from a auto in a motorway disintegrate has been reunited with its owner after a public appeal.

Hussein Sharaf’s car overturned on the M4 two weeks ago and five-month-old Bruno was hurled into the road.

The 22 -year-old said he had lost hope of experiencing his pet after an initial rummage demonstrated fruitless.

But the pair have now been reunited thanks to determined voluntaries from social media groups and baby websites.

The tabby-Bengal desegregate was recognise by a member of the public on Wednesday next to the motorway in Wiltshire.

He was said to be “hungry but OK”.

Image copyright Hussein Sharaf Image caption Bruno was “hungry but OK” after his motorway disintegrate ordeal

Mr Sharaf’s car disintegrated into the central reservation near Royal Wootton Bassett, propelling the “cat-o-nine-tail” carrier into the middle corridor of the motorway.

A policeman told the software developer he had seen the animal “flee in fear”.

After his handout from infirmary, Mr Sharaf was joined by members of ‘lost and found’ websites and Facebook groups in the search for the missing cat.

Image copyright Hussein Sharaf Image caption Mr Sharaf’s auto affected the central booking and invalidated, flinging his cat carrier out of a ruined window

But he said it was “like searching for a needle in a haystack” and he reluctantly returned to his house in London.

However, voluntaries resumed the search and put up posters until Bruno was recognized 12 days later by motorist Lee Palmer.

“I’d been looking out for him daily on my passage home … and managed to stop and coax him towards me, ” he said.

“I got him dwelling and fed him as he was surface and bone as he’d clearly not been eating.”

Mr Sharaf included: “It just goes to show that there are such amazing parties in this world.

“Not only Lee but all the nice voluntaries who went out looking for him.”

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