Khlo and Rob Kardashian are grateful to havetheir mommy back safe and sound after her accident.

The day afterKris Jenner’s gondola accident on Wednesday, the Kardashian teenagers established their momma ardour by mailing her flowers and balloons.

Kris posted pictures of the knacks on her Instagram, grateful for the supportfrom her children.

Khlo transmitted some stylish white grows, while Rob proceeded with giant balloon notes that spelled out “love you mom.”


The 60 -year-old reality star and Kardashian matriarch was involved in a car accident while she was driving her Rolls-Royce in Calabasas on Wednesday.

TMZreported Krismay have kept a wrist hurt, and Kylie Jenner showed via Twitter her momma wasnot seriously hurt.

According to a report from PEOPLE, Kris’ car was hit by another vehicle thatturned in front of her while trying to enter the southbound 101 freeway.

As you can see from her Instagrams, Kris is now home safe and sound. She told PEOPLEshe is OK, but “shaken up and extremely sore.”

Feel better soon, Kris!

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