Comics, including Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert, discuss how little the president has achieved in his first three months in the White House

Late-night hosts took apart Donald Trumps firstly 100 daylights in the White House, interrogating what the president had actually achieved.

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah started by saying: Its 100 eras in Trump time. For us, its 15 years.

He ran through the presidents many promises during the campaign trail. I gambled Trump is one of those people who shapes too many brand-new times solvings, he said.

He sustained: Its starting to become clear that President Trump has accomplished very little of what he predicted. Travel ban? Blocked. Healthcare plan? Blocked. And astound, stun , no one wants to pay for his wall.

Despite Trump perpetually referring to the important 100 -day landmark throughout the pre-election rallies, he said in an AP interview that it was an artificial hurdle that parties shouldnt remunerate much attention to. Wow, an artificial railing that shouldnt apply to him, he said. Hes probably exploited that same course to get out of wearing a condom.

Noah lent: You dont get at simply dismiss the amount because you dont like the current makes. Because if most voters got to choose the figure they favor, well, you wouldnt be in the White House, Donald.

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert likewise started by ranging through the presidents miss. He still hasnt filled cabinet ministers, he didnt cancel Obamacare, there is also Muslims, he joked.

Trump has also failed to make progress on improving a wall between the US and Mexico. He transmitted a two-part tweet about it last week and reportedly it took him hours to finish it. How is he going to #buildawall when it takes him three hours to #buildasentence? Colbert asked.

Trump has also been boasting about his TV ratings, claiming them to be the biggest since the World Trade Center was criticized. Mr President, I know youre proud of your ratings, but, um, how do I say this: its not generally a good stuff to compare yourself to 9/11, he said.

Trump has also protected his press secretary, Sean Spicer, on the grounds that he gets good ratings. Its genuine, you cant tear your eyes away from Sean Spicer, Noah said. Its like watching a automobile disintegrate that knows nothing about the Holocaust.

On Late Night with Seth Meyers, the multitude said: If this were a movie, it would be called 100 Dayz and Confused.

Trump has expressed surprise about cliques within the Republican party. Trump is so ignorant that hes ignorant of his own knowledge, he said.

Amid concern over a possible authority shutdown to coincide with Trumps 100 th date as chairman, Meyers said: Under Trump, our federal government is staffed as well as a Duane Reade on a Sunday morning, he said.

Meyers too brought up Trumps flip-flop tweets on the border wall. Trumps tweets are starting to sound like the fine print on a competition to win a free cruise, he said.


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