( CNN) Authorities accused a limousine companionship owner’s son with criminally negligent murder Wednesday in connection with the weekend gate-crash in upstate New York that killed 20 beings, according to a New York State Police statement.

The 28 -year-old received “written violations” from State Police and the country Department of Transportation informing him that the move “should not have been operating the type of vehicle involved” in Saturday’s crash, State Police Superintendent George Beach told reporters. The commonwealth DOT had also told the elongate Ford Excursion involved in the wreck be taken out of service in September, Beach said.

“The sole responsibility for that machine vehicle being on the road Saturday will continue to be Nauman Hussain, ” the caretaker said, adding that more costs and stoppages are possible.

Crash brands the deadliest US transporation happen in 9 years

Investigators recover ‘black box’ from gate-crashed limo

Newlyweds were among deceased in limo crash

Limo crash witness heard raucous slam, screaming


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