Wimbledon followers were provided a fit of laughter on Friday when a male tennis fan was invited to join an all-female parallel, but not before pinching into a grey skirt and top.

The girls were playing invitation doubles, a more relaxed episode, when Belgium’s four-time Grand Slam champion Kim Clijsters inaugurated begging sufficing recommendations from the stadium.

Apparently not one to hold back, the man, since identified by the Irish Independent as Chris Quinn who is the officer of a tennis club near Dublin, called down that Clijsters should play-act a figure help, which is when a musician hits the ball into their opponent’s body.

YouTube/ Wimbledon Kim Clijsters helps the man squeeze into a grey skirt.

” You responded mas ?” she requested dumbstruck before drawn attention to her opponent’s target and while chortling indicated:” Why don’t you go there ?”

To the stadium’s praise, the father-god of three enthusiastically climbed out of the stands and abode a racquet. Because his Light-green Lantern T-shirt and abruptlies were in clear violation of the event’s strict all-white dress code, Clijsters retrieved a grey hem from her bag and helped him slip it over his shorts.

Quinn culminated up doing better than many may have expected, with him organizing to income her serve during his first try.


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