Meghan McCain certainly put her foot in it this time. And by it we mean the space backstage because gurl stormed off adjusted after yet another testy exchange with a cohost.

The maidens of The View were as usual getting political, discussing the HUGE but disappointingly porn-star-free scandal blowing up around Donald Trump this week.

In extremely, very short, here’s a failure of the scandal thus far 😛 TAGENDvar RevContentSolo= button_text: “Find Out More”, widget_id: 105180 ; A whistleblower in the US intelligence community registered individual complaints with the Inspector General last month, reportedly claiming Trump made some kind of ” troubling ” promise to the leader of a foreign person. The IG tells Congress what was divulged is an” urgent concern .” Numerous believe this is in relation to the curious negotiation with the Ukraine in which the U.S. agreed to give them $ 250 mil in aid then Trump inexplicably blocked it — simply to change his memory again. There have since been reports from beginnings in the intelligence community claiming Trump held back the money until the Ukraine agreed to help him out with the 2020 election by launching an investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter — thus leading to his foreman challenger review crooked. and his son — thus making his honcho adversary looking crooked. On Thursday Rudy Giuliani went on TV and acknowledged he questioned the Ukrainian government to investigate Biden. Oh Rudy … went on TV and declared he requested the Ukrainian government to investigate Biden. Oh Rudy … Meanwhile the White House and Trump’s handpicked Attorney General are trying to scope the whistleblower’s complaint — whatever it turns out to be — under the rug by threatening him/ her with prosecution, something from which whistleblowers disclosing public decay are supposed to be legally protected.


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