Miles Teller is doing OK after being involved in a car accident Thursday evening with his lover, Keleigh Sperry, in California’s San Fernando Valley. The LAPD confirmed to People that Teller’s Bronco turned over when an Uber driver made a left turn in front of his gondola.

The “Whiplash” actor tweeted Friday: “Me and @keleighsperry are okay. I hope the other passengers are as well. The other move gathered into oncoming transaction and bad collision was inevitable. This woman’s absurd and naive decision applied our lives and her fares in very real danger. Joyous we could walk away.”

Teller won’t be blamed for the gate-crash, per experts. Although Teller and Sperry managed to walk away without traumata, two passengers in the Uber car were taken to the hospital. TMZ has photos of the incident.

Teller, 29, was driving private vehicles with Sperry, 24, in the fare posterior. Police told Beings that neither drugs nor alcohol played a role in the incident.

ANGELA WEISS via Getty Images
Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry

This wasn’t the actor’s first brush with a serious vehicle accident. When he was 20 years old, Teller was in a dangerous automobile crash that almost took his life.

“My buddy lost govern of my automobile croaking 80 mph. We turned eight hours. I get expelled out the window. The gondola territory and I was just laying like 50 feet from the car, unconscious, contained within blood. My buddy saw I was dead, ” he told ABC News in August.

Teller play-acts the lead in the new boxing drama “Bleed For This, ” which follows the real floor of Vinny Pazienza, a world champ boxer who ends his neck in a automobile accident. His reputation in “Whiplash” too get into a car accident.


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