A Milwaukee police officer was killed Thursday and a fellow polouse was injured when their patrol car crashed while chasing another vehicle, approvals said.

The deaths among Officer Charles Irvine Jr ., 23, was proved during an night press conference by Milwaukee police Chief Alfonso Morales.

“This is a very sad date for local communities, ” Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said at the news conference, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

“The Irvine family is suffering, the entire Milwaukee Police Department is suffering. This underscores how very difficult the job of a Milwaukee police officer is. Officer Irvine granted their own lives for the people of this community. He served it because he wanted it to be a better community.”

Irvine was the city’s first police officer killed during the line of duty in 22 years, the newspaper reported.

The injured man, age 36 with four years of service, was hospitalized in stable condition, Morales said, but the manager did not identify him.

The officers’ squad car was the only vehicle involved in the disintegrate, powers said. It rolled off the road and got wedged near an overpass, Milwaukee’s Fox 6 reported.

A suspect was arrested in connection with the accident, the Journal Sentinel reported, but no additional information and clarification was immediately available.

Police tweeted earlier Thursday that they were “investigating a single vehicle accident committing a patrol car at 76 th and Silver Spring.”

Irvine joined the Milwaukee Police Department about four years ago and firstly acted as a police aide-de-camp before becoming an officer, according to the police department.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker tweeted about the fatality Thursday evening.

“Our devotions are with the members of the Milwaukee Police Department after the deaths among one of their patrolmen and with their own families, ” Walker wrote.

Additional information and pictures of the officers will be released Friday, Morales said at a Thursday night news conference.