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Minnesota Firefighter Discovers Teen Son Killed In Car Crash


A volunteer firefighter from northwestern Minnesota made a frightful uncovering at a gondola disintegrate his teenage son was the victim.

Randy Peterson, a firefighter in Ada, was announced Sunday night to a two-vehicle crash in nearby Borup. Peterson had been unable to reach his 16 -year-old son, Carter, as he raced to the panorama. When he arrived, Peterson attended the car on fire and knew it was his son, who died at the scene.

“I dropped to my knees. I was a mess. Another member of the gang just hampered me, ” Peterson told the Star Tribune.

Carter Peterson had lowered off his girlfriend that night and was manager residence when he was broadsided by a getaway at an intersection. The other operator, a 20 -year-old North Dakota man, was not seriously hurt. The State Patrol supposes alcohol was detected in the other driver’s system.

Randy Peterson said his son, a junior who played basketball and football at Ada-Borup High School, was “probably the most prudent driver, two sides on the rotation and he never sped.”

The community has railed to support the Peterson family. Before Wednesday night’s football game against Cass Lake-Bena, the tribal institution performed a container choru, and each resisting musician made the Peterson family a hug and presented them with wild rice, a badge of hope. Participates from the Ada-Borup football team presented the family with heydays, photographs and his No. 63 t-shirt, which the school retired.

“The community support has been outstanding, ” Peterson said.


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