1. This great Warning will happen soon. Every single one of My children will
    be shown their lives, their sins, their wrong doings and every single
    insult they were responsible for against their brothers and sisters, all
    during a mystical experience. When the sun spins, the cross appears, and
    the skies burn red by the collision of two comets, do not be fearful to see
    this spectacle and receive my Mercy with great joy!
    w..thewarningsecondcoming.c.. Nov. 22, 2010 Our Lord 

  2. Hey guys. Amazing film. My close friend had been overweight. He went from
    279 lbs of fat to 202lbs of complete lean muscle mass. I found myself in
    awe. I just registered personally because I need to enhance my whole body.
    He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

  3. we cant deny that accidents will really happen if you lack concentration.
    Cars do have all the controls it needs, but its still human who controls
    it. Just like what the music implies ” Its all you fault” hahahha


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