An out-of-control driver killed two children and injured their fathers Monday while they were spanning the street at a busy Brooklyn intersection.

The New York Post reported that the stage was tumultuous. The mom of the 1-year-old worked frantically to revive her son after the stroller was dragged about 100 feet. A 4-year-old progeny was fatally struck and her pregnant mom lost serious injuries.

“The mom was sitting there next to him screaming, ” Andrew Macaluso, a fourth-year medical student, told The Post while describing Lauren Lew, the mother of the 1-year-old. “She was just kind of,’ Oh, God, this can’t be happening. Tell me this isn’t happening. What’s going on? ’ ” Macaluso suggested of Lew.

Two brats were killed and several other people were injured after a auto truck parties in Brooklyn on Monday.( ( WABC via NNS)

“I supposed,’ Are you the mom, ’ and she said,’ Yeah.’ … The child had blood on his appearance. She wipes off his face and leaves him breeze while I’m holding him chest compressions.”

A female move in a white-hot 2012 Volvo rammed into them in a crosswalk at around 12:40 p.m ., the New York Post reported.

“The children were operated straight-out over, and the driver tried to get off and stumble a gondola, ’’ a witness who declined to give his appoint told the paper. “I don’t even want to think about this . … Just to know those kids were ran down like a dog.”

The paper quoted law enforcement informants as answering the motorist struck up to six gondolas after mowing down the young family. The sedan then came to a rest on the side of wall street — with a crushed stroller under its back wheels.

The driver, a 44 -year-old woman, was kept in custody, police mentioned. “It doesn’t look like anything deliberate at this place, but we have to representation it out, ” NYPD Chief Spokesman Stephen P. Davis told The New York Times. “It is terrible.”

The driver claimed she had “a medical impairment, ” the working paper reported.

James Long, a Fire Department spokesman, told The New York Times both juveniles were shown dead at the scene.

“She touched the mother, she touched the little girl and she took the carriage — the babe that was in the carriage, ” Jessica Sierra, 43, told The Times.

Sierra said she tried to help the girl with a sweat suit from her pack.

“There was blood everywhere, ” Sierra announced. “And I felt like she was cold, so I extended her with it. She gazed lifeless.”