1. can someone explain why there’s smoke coming up before they drive threw?
    you can see a white “fog” cover above the street seconds before they reach
    it, after that you see some sort of explosion

  2. .


    • Chas That’s what I was saying… you have all these buildings around and
      this is the best camera angle you can show the public?

  3. You can’t see the actual crash because it happens off-screen, the crash
    occurs right at 0:02 in the video. He crashes into a tree, you can see the
    smoke rise.

    Paul was not the driver, it was his friend who was speeding over 120mph
    (200kmh) and lost control of the car. Both of them didn’t wear their
    seatbelts and they both died on impact, their heads got crushed on the
    dashboard. The other cars you see in the video are just normal people
    driving 20mph, one of them filmed the fire while passing by.

    And for the conspiracy looneys out here: Paul Walker is dead! This is not
    staged, there is no illuminati, Paul was just a normal guy who acted in a
    movie franchise. He is not coming back, he was in a fatal accident and is
    gone forever. So get over yourself.


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