Just a week after his wife Ingrid was tragically killed in an Oklahoma City vehicle accident, Thunder assistant coach Monty Williams spoke paroles of peace and prayer, love and forgiveness at her memorial service Thursday, accentuating the importance of having pity for the family of the other move killed in the accident.

“Let us not forget that there were two beings in such situations, and that pedigree necessity prayers as well, ” Williams said in his eulogy. “And we have no ill will towards that lineage … That pedigree didn’t wake up had wished to hurt my wife. Life is hard. It is very hard. And that was tough. But we maintain no ill will toward the Donaldson family, and we, as a group, friends united in unity, are due to be praying for that household, because they mourn as well.”

Let us not forget that there were two parties in this situation, and that clas necessity devotions as well. Monty Williams

Williams and Ingrid were college sweeties at the University of Notre Dame. Harmonizing to the outpouring of the assistance provided we’ve construed since the disintegrate nine days ago, their adoration and dedication to each other was evident to anyone who attended them together.

“She fit me perfectly — I know different actors that I’ve had over the years have probably go tired of me talking about my partner, but I used to always think to myself,’ Who else was I going to talk about? ’ So that never inconvenienced me, ” Williams remembered, smiling for a moment.

Thunder love drop off heydays at a memorial for Ingrid Williams, the spouse of aide manager Monty Williams, before ahome tournament onThursday, Feb. 11, 2016.

The reaction throughout the NBA category to this accident has been devastating. Musicians like Ryan Anderson saw Williams’ home in the days next following the disintegrate, and Thunder superstar Kevin Durant couldn’t get through a media session discussing the Williams family without comprising his face and breaking down into snaps.

Durant was in one of the first rows for Thursday’s service, participating in the pews by other big names like Gregg Popovich, Chris Paul and Doc Rivers.

Ingrid is subsisted by her five children, three of whom were in the incidents alongside her. To them and to all in the audience for his eulogy, Williams proclaimed resilience in the face of hurting, faith in the midst of anguish.

“This is hard for their own families, but this will work out, ” Williams went on. “And my spouse would perforate me if I were to sit up here and grumble about what’s gone on –[ but] that doesn’t take out the pain. But it will work out, because God calls all things to work out. You simply can’t retire, you can’t give in.”

Before closing his speech and stepping down from the pulpit, Williams once more showed the necessity of achieving forgiveness for the other family, cuddling and reiterating his potent content of affection, unity and benevolence in the wake of such tragedy.

“Let’s not lose sight of what’s important, ” Williams echoed. “My partner is in heaven.”

“We didn’t lose her. When you lose something, you can’t find it — I know exactly where my bride is.”

CORRECTION: A previous form of this article referred back to the driver as a gentleman. The motorist was in fact a 52 -year-old woman.