Varying from $2.7 Million – $38 Million these are the globes most expensive cars!

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8. Lamborghini Veneno

COST – $4.5 Million
SPEED – 0 to 60 miles per hour – 2.8 Secs
TOP SPEED – 221 miles per hour

The Veneno is the limited version of the currently extremely exclusive Lamborghini Aventador, there were just 5 ever before made. 2 stayed with its makers and also the various other 3 were marketed before they were even built.

It was constructed to commemorate Lamborghini's 50th Wedding anniversary, obviously they developed something genuinely amazing.

7. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

COST – $4.8 Million
SPEED – 0 to 60 mph – 2.9 Seconds
TOP SPEED – 254 miles per hour

Rich individuals sure like diamonds on their supercars! This extremely unique minimal version of a minimal version features a ruby weave carbon surface! It is the just understood "white" carbon fiber product.

Koenigsegg intended on structure 3 systems of the auto however had to clear up with only 2 because of the complexity of its production! This makes the CCXR Trevita among the rarest automobiles on the planet as well as none besides Floyd Mayweather Jr was rumored to have actually bought one of the systems for $4.8 Million.

6. The Maybach Exelero

PRICE – $8 Million
SPEED – 0 to 60 mph -4.4 Secs
TOP SPEED – 218 mph

The previous vehicle was uncommon, this is also tougher to get your hands on. There is just 1 that was ever before generated. The engine is a significant V12 Double Turbo, matching high-end with efficiency making the final price tag of $8 million.

The automobile was rumored to be had by rap artist Birdman and featured in a Jay-Z's music video for "Lost One"

Despite the fact that numerous millionaires have requested the sought after Exelero, Maybach chose not to make any more!

5. Mercedes-Benz 540k Unique Roadster

RATE – $12 Million
RATE – 0 to 60 miles per hour – ~ 16 Secs
TOP SPEED – 104.65 miles per hour

At the time of its production, the 540k got to a document full throttle of 104.65 miles per hour. The test chauffeur contrasted the vehicle to a devil, and with just 25 units produced in 1936, the 540k got to only the most exclusive individuals worldwide.

The previous proprietor of the details system that was cost 12 million bucks was the Baroness Gisela von Krieger. There are no more of these automobiles available for sale, and also the next time one comes up, the sales record will certainly be damaged!

4. Bugatti Royale Kellner Sports car

RATE – $20 Million
SPEED – 0 to 60 mph – ~ 20 Seconds
TOP SPEED – 99.4 miles per hour

This listing is obtaining a growing number of special. This cars and truck was appointed by Ettore Bugatti himself. There were just 7 units made as well as they had a standard rate of $30,000 in 1932!

Ettore Bugatti, being the developer of the brand, hand chose the receivers of these automobiles, and decided to keep one, the "Kellner", for himself.

After World War II, the vehicle was sold for around $600 and 2 refrigerators … nowadays individuals can't even dream of having one without forking over greater than $20 million dollars.

3. Ferrari 290 MM

COST – $28 Million
SPEED – 0 to 60 miles per hour – ~ 10 Seconds
TOP SPEED – 160 mph

The Ferrari 290 MM was particularly made for the "Thousand Miles" open road endurance race. There were 4 models made, and the cars and truck won the 1956 "Thousand Miles" race. The auto racing success with this cars and truck did not quit there, the following year Ferrari won the World Sportscar Championship as well as the "1000 kilometres Buenos Aires" race.

The vehicle that was cost $28 million had not been even the one that initially won the "Thousand Miles" race, the motorist just can be found in 4th!

2. Mercedes-Benz W196

PRICE – $30 Million
SPEED – 0 to 60 mph – ~ 10 Seconds
TOP SPEED – 186 miles per hour

This classic race auto was created for the 1954-55 Formula 1 seasons. It won 9 from 12 races in the hands of the fabulous Juan Manuel Fangio and also Stirling Moss. They likewise handled to record two Globe Champions with the remarkable W196.

On July 12th, 2013, the auction residence Bonhams offered the Mercedes-Benz W196 framework serial "54" for a record $30 Million! It is the only car that was offered on the public market, and also as it turns out, it was the one used to win the 54' German and also European Grand Prix by Juan Fangio.

1. The Ferrari 250 GTO

PRICE – $38 Million
RATE – 0 to 60 miles per hour – ~ 6.1 Secs
TOP SPEED – 157.8 mph

The Ferrari 250 GTO is considered the best Ferrari of all time and the "Hottest Cars and truck of All Time."

When it initially went on sale in the U.S.A. it cost a pitiful $18,000 and also buyers had to be directly accepted by Enzo Ferrari, the maker of the Ferrari brand.

The 1962 250 GTO produced Stirling Moss, that is taken into consideration one of the best Formula 1 vehicle drivers ever before, ended up being the World's Many Costly cars and truck when it cost $38 million in 2012. There are reports that someone nabbed the car again the next year, this time around for a large $52 million.

A minimum of 2 designs of this vehicle are utilized as day-to-day driving cars and trucks in the abundant components of Los Angeles!


  1. The Lycan Hypersport just proves that those idiots in the Middle East know
    nothing about cars and that money doesn’t buy taste.

  2. The Bugatti Veyron is not the fastest car in the world. The One:1 goes
    faster, and so does the Venom GT, and those are just examples

  3. @2:45-please tell me BIRDMAN didn’t buy this car! 1. don’t look all that
    fancy 2. expensive 3. not the fastest car 4. NOT WORTH IT! ;)

  4. Just to think I built up a old vega striped it down, put on all new brambo
    disk brakes, tubbed with big wheels etc etc with a small block chevy
    supercharged and I can beat any of these cars around the track and just
    blow them away in a quarter being I run in the high 8’s ! Price around 40
    thousand dollars

    • And you didn’t learn to spell (or type) along the way, even as you were
      fitting your “Brambo” brakes while “striping” your Vega.


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