A is under fire for apparently attempting to use a K-pop idol’s recent suicide as a defense against love criticism.

Mother and influencer Lindy Tsang, who runs the Bubzvlogz channel, uploaded a video for her 968,000 YouTube readers on Dec. 3. One particular panorama in the video caught the attention of beings online, to move to harsh criticism of the nearly 33 -year-old influencer. In the stage, which descents near the end of the 10 -minute video, Tsang’s young son situates a penis-shaped soap. He proceeds to play with it–calling it a cannon–and controls around the house while Tsang chuckles at his antics.

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People online climbed on the shaming study and exited after Tsang for uploading the video, and she protected herself in a series of Instagram posts.

” To those who are butthurt about this being inappropriate, don’t worry and cold ,” Tsang wrote.” Learn to chortle and live a little. The guy has never seen an make penis in his entire life. To him, it’s a gun .”

Tsang’s lighthearted Instagram post seemed to serve the opposite of its intended purpose. Then she depicted latitudes between her statu and the recent death of K-pop idol Goo Hara–and things took a turn for the worse.

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Last month, 28 -year-old Goo Hara was found dead in her apartment in Seoul, South Korea. Police have not yet decided a cause of death, but many speculate that Hara committed suicide. She had attempted suicide attempt in March, and her death revitalized concerns about a suicide veer in the K-pop industry.

” Recently I discovered in the proceed of yet another Korea. Idol Goo Hara and was so saddened by the news ,” Tsang wrote over the image of a textbook thread.” Now I look at Idols who the hell is favourite today and wonder which one is next to suicide.

” Celebrity and influencers are not immune to your judgement even though you expect them to suck it up ,” she continued in another post to her Instagram Story.” They are parties. With feelings. Very much looks just like you. You cut them open and they will bleed the same colour as you. This world-wide would be a much more beautiful place if you sentiment their own business and spoke kinder terms .”

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Many of Hara’s devotees are still reeling from her sudden death and did not take Tsang’s likenes thinly. A Reddit strand following Tsang’s narrative mansions dozens of irate statements from consumers.” I am particularly concerned over this ,” one user wrote.” Not simply because of the soap, but she decided to drag in Goo Hara. How dare she equate her situation to hers ?” Other consumers concurred, holler Tsang’s berth “disgusting” and manipulative.


As the reaction escalated, Tsang again took to Instagram to defend herself.” It never bothered me that people were upset about the soap. I wasn’t protecting myself based on the soap incident. I was cool about it ,” Tsang wrote.” If parties guessed different, that is fine. If you read my full fibs; you would find that I was upset over being questioned in my authenticity .” Tsang went on to explain that she was attempting to shine a light on the pressures influencers face.” I was disturb over the person or persons saying’ influencers’ should suck it up. It does hit home for me because I have checked the damage it has caused amongst my YouTube peers .”

She further explained why she brought up Goo Hara’s suicide.” It is an example of what constant negativity online can do for your confidence and soul ,” she wrote.” I honestly do look at idols today and it separates my mettle to wonder who will be next .” She likewise alleged a BuzzFeed article that was published on Wednesday of taking the fib out of context.

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Later in her Instagram Story, Tsang noted that she may have failed to realize why people were upset by the soap.” I declare I didn’t see the soap as a big deal but now I is how it could be embarrassing for Isaac when he’s older. This I am apologetic for ,” she said.

itsbubz/ Instagram

While the ardor around Tsang’s original video seems to have died down, the drama over her mention of Goo is still going strong. One opinionated commenter conveyed her reckons on Tsang’s most recent Instagram post.” I’m disappointed that straight away you rushed to’ there’s a witch hunt on me’ narrative ,” lkylanx wrote.” I’m disappointed that you haven’t demonstrated the tiniest chip modesty in this situation .”

lkylanx/ Instagram

Tsang responded in the comments.” The fact that you pitied those individuals who wrote false information instead of the person being accused( although attention you, I don’t need Pity) speaks enough for me ,” she wrote.” You is moving forward and elect what you want to believe. I’m just candidly appreciative my own lenses don’t always expect the worse jn others .”

Tsang did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment.

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