Image copyright North Yorkshire Police Image caption The woman’s Mazda ended up overruled in a trench near Thirsk

A woman trapped inside her invalidated automobile in a gully at night was rescued after being determined with a place app.

Police said the woman had no idea where she was when she crashed near Thirsk, North Yorkshire, on Friday and other operators could not watch her car.

However, she managed to phone her father-god in Shrewsbury. He talked her through using the What3words app to get an exact location.

North Yorkshire Police to be allowed get to her within four minutes of a call.

The app divides all countries of the world into 3m squares and dedicates each one a unique three-word address in order for beings to be easily found in emergencies.

North Yorkshire roads patrolling gang said the woman, from Shropshire, had gate-crashed down an embankment, about 20 ft from the road.

“All that was on view was the dark underside of the car, ” they said.

It is not known how long the woman was trapped.

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