UPDATE, Sunday, Sep. 1, 11:03 a.m. PT : The official death toll in the shooting has now risen to seven scapegoats killed, still with nearly two dozen more disabled. One of the injured scapegoats is reportedly a 17 -month-old baby girl who was struck by shrapnel during the event.

The shooter, who Odessa police have confirmed is an unnamed grey male in his 30 s, is also dead. Apparently, Odessa police killed and killed the believe outside a movie theatre in Odessa. It’s unclear whether he was trying to go into the theater or elsewhere to continue his spree, but regardless, the threat was no longer active as of about 4:30 p.m. neighbourhood season on Saturday afternoon in west Texas.

According to CNN , apparently the whole thing started with a traffic stop; the doubt shot at powers when he was attracted over, then sped down the superhighway spraying bullets at random people in random gondolas all along the way. So terrifying.

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At least 21 beings have reportedly been shot in the west Texas towns of Odessa and Midland — and at least five have been killed, apparently — in a mass shooting incident span multiple sites across both cities.

Midland Police said on Saturday afternoon that the shooting began at a Home Depot in the city; apparently, a suspect in a golden Toyota began shooting at beings from the vehicle there and at a local shopping center.

Very quickly, permissions apparently followed the believe, at which point he got out of his gondola and allegedly fled the panorama in a United Regime Post Office vehicle. It appears he induced terror from there, apparently continuing to shoot beings on the roadway between Odessa and Midland, though at this object it’s unclear exactly where and how many preys there are beyond the initial reported amount here.

At least one state trooper and two other policemen were shot as part of the chase, as well. The believe is reportedly said to be a white male in his 30 s; he was eventually killed during Odessa police.

Obviously, there are still a lot of moving parts and unknowns here, but above all, we do know this is a major, major tragedy. Twitter modernizes late into Saturday evening retained the public up to the minute with information about what happened, as you can see( below ):


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