A Hawaii judge has dropped a second-degree assassinate charge against the status of women accused of killing her twinned sister by driving an SUV off a 200 -foot Maui cliff.

The judge regulated Alexandria Duval, 37, be released after lawyers failed to present enough indication at a preliminary hearing to aid a assassination attack, Hawaii News Now reports. Duval’s lawyer said the wreck, which killed Anastasia Duval and critically injured Alexandria Duval, was an accident.

It was unclear whether attorneys would refile indicts. “We will have to see what other manifestation we can find by furthering police investigations, ” Maui Prosecuting Attorney John Kim told The Associated Press.

Defense attorney Todd Eddins told MauiNow that Duval has been in a “state of surprise” since the May 30 crash. She was “elated” about the verdict, the lawyer said.

“This was a dreadful coincidence. It was not a homicide, ” Eddins told the publication. “It was not a crime. This judge understood the evidence and we’re simply grateful that he got it.”

The lethal disintegrate on Maui’s scenic Hana Highway climaxed the twins’ life narrations, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports. The twinneds, whose given names were Allison and Ann Dadow, had operated a successful yoga studio in Palm Beach, Florida, and were “known for their formerly glamorous lifestyle, ” the Palm Beach Post reports.

Later in life, they were plagued by financial and law hardships in Salt Lake City. They had plans to open another yoga studio in Hawaii.

Witnesses said the twinneds, who in Hawaii went by the calls Alexandria and Anastasia Duval, had been arguing before the Ford Explorer gate-crashed into a wall along the road and submerge off the cliff, landing on a bumpy ledge below.

“I appreciated a pair of sides jerking the top, pulling the “hairs-breadth”[ of the driver ], ” witness Lawrence Lau told KHON2. “There were mitts drawing her thought down like this, and her heading was jerking.”

That’s when the driver, Alexandria, reportedly intensified, casting private vehicles off the cliff, according to authorities.

The passenger, Anastasia Duval, was pronounced dead at the panorama. Alexandria Duval was airlifted to Maui Memorial Medical Center in critical condition.

Duval’s release called less than a week after her detention at Maui’s Seaside hotel, The Associated Press reported. Lawyers claimed Duval was planning to fled the nation at the time, but her advocate said she was simply attempting to return home for her sister’s funeral.

In this May 29, 2016 photo provided by Tom Johnson, rescue workers respond to the panorama of a gondola clang off Mauis Hana Highway in Hana, Hawaii.