On December 29, Christian singer/songwriter Natalie Grant got super vulnerable about a debilitating, anxiety-ridden moment she had on a flight with her 11-year-old daughter Gracie.

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“I had a panic attack on my flight tonight,” Grant shared on Facebook.” My first one in a very long time.”

Although the singer couldn’t pinpoint its exact cause, she vividly recalls how paralyzed she felt just 5 minutes into the flight, citing shortness of breath, restlessness, and utter embarrassment:

“I don’t exactly know what triggered it. Maybe the exhaustion of the last month of touring, going straight into Christmas, and I’m a little run down. Then again, I was also extra sad to leave my parents this time. These moments are so precious and they come and go too quickly. I think my fragile emotion sometimes makes me more susceptible to those stupid fiery darts. But whatever the reason, 5 minutes into the flight, I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t sit still. I felt ridiculous. Embarrassed. Ashamed.”

It was at that precise moment when this strong, God-fearing woman of faith was shown the child-like faith that needed to be renewed in her heart.

“And at that moment, my Gracie girl took my hand and said, ‘Jesus, right now we say no to fear and yes to truth. Because Jesus, you are greater than any fear,’” wrote Grant. 


As Gracie’s simple prayer permeated her consciousness, the singer realized that she needed to make a decision to grasp Truth rather than to let her feelings consumer her:

“As she prayed, I made a decision to grab ahold of what I know, instead of wallow in what I felt. Faith isn’t a magic potion. It’s a choice. My 11-year old daughter helped me choose well, tonight.”

“I often beat myself up after I struggle with panic, thinking my faith should be more giant-like,” she continued. “Tonight I was reminded it just needs to be more child-like.”

Grant’s powerful story of choosing faith over fear quickly took social media by storm, amassing over 120,000 likes on Facebook and Instagram and thousands of encouraging comments.

“Thank you for sharing this vulnerable moment in your life,” wrote one commenter, Alonzo Ramirez. “Being a Christian doesn’t exclude us from anxiety and depression. We can however use our faith to overcome. ‘Jesus, right now we say no to fear and yes to truth.’ ”

Other fans could relate all too well to Grant’s experience with panic attacks and thanked her for opening up about her own experiences.

“Thank you for being so open about your struggle. I’ve suffered with panic and anxiety attacks for the last few years, and the anxiety can be debilitating and so so embarrassing,” shared another commenter. “I’m so thankful for Jesus, medicine, thoughtful friends, encouraging parents, and people like you who remind me that I’m not the only one.”

With anxiety affecting over 40 million adults in the U.S. today, I pray that Natalie Grant’s story of using child-like faith to combat fear and anxious thoughts may be a relatable lesson that permeates the hearts of many.

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