Fans are stoked for a fourth season of Black Mirror, as they should be. The Emmy-award triumphing serial, which shows the dark side of our inevitable future, does an outstanding work of story-telling while encapsulating an entire plot line in a single occurrence at a time.

But Netflix is stopping its placards close to the vest.

The streaming monstrous has already been to announce a liberation date for Season 4, but that hasn’t stopped Netflix from gradually liberating trailers for individual episodes.

Thus far, trailers for two of the six episodes have been released.

The first trailer is for Arkangel , which was directed against Jodie Foster. The storey follows a father( give full play to Rosemarie DeWitt) who briefly forgets way of her daughter, which understandably holds her a bit of a intimidate. She mansions up to be part of the tribulation for engineering announced Arkangel, which probably tracks her daughter. How could this go wrong?

The second trailer is for an occurrence called Crocodile , which stars Kiran Sonia Sawar, who plays a medical doctor trying to help person echo reminiscences of a automobile gate-crash through the use of some sort of computer.

The firstly trailer was liberated on Saturday, the 25 th, and the second was released yesterday, November 26 th. This leaves us two alternatives: Netflix is either liberating one per date, which means we’ll get a third trailer in a couple of hours, or it’s liberating one per epoch on the weekends, which means we’ll be waiting for the third trailer until Saturday.

If I had to guess, I’d expect the release appointment to be announced following the last trailer. But if Black Mirror has taught us anything, it’s that the future doesn’t always turn out the channel you expected.

Update : We now have a trailer for the third escapade, Black Museum 😛 TAGEND


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