The Colts sound well placed to demolished the Jaguars in London, and the Seahawks should have too much to defeat the Spurt. Plus, take part in our tipping contest

Life is full of little riddles. Why does the feline beg to be let out, but then refuse to do so once the back door has been opened? What is the feeling of Irn-Bru? And if Tom Brady didnt want to tan his butt, then wouldnt it have been easier precisely to keep his shorts on in the first place?

If youre attempting explanations, then you could probably do worse than turning now to downthewikihole , Ledzeparuba , ProfessorAwesome , SaintJames , Simpson9 087 , and Steve Mansfield the only parties to accurately prophesy every recreation in week three of our Pick Six contest. You can give them a pat on the back while youre at it.

Full stays will appear in the comments segment shortly, but until then, there is the coming week competitions 😛 TAGEND

Indianapolis Colts@ Jacksonville Jaguars( Sunday 9.30 am ET/ 2.30 pm BST)

The stakes could not be higher for Gus Bradley and the Jaguars for their trip to London. This was supposed to be the year in which the Jacksonville rebuild eventually came to enjoyment; instead, the Jags are 0-3 and staring at another lost season. They preceded Baltimore deep into the fourth part on Sunday, but shed the game away with sloppy mistakes and cowardly offensive play-calling. The flair is there, on both sides of the ball now, and it is quite possible to imagine a scenario in which Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns extending wild against Indys porous secondary. But the Colts are strengthened by the likely revert of cornerback Patrick Robinson from concussion, and I find it increasingly hard to back Bradley in any matchup at this part. His 12 -3 9 evidence ranks him 169 th out of the 170 NFL head tutors who have ever operated 50+ games.

Colts acquire

Seattle Seahawks@ New York Jets( Sunday 1pm ET/ 6pm BST)

On the evidence of last weekend, this looks like a non-contest. The Spurt offense was a vehicle disintegrate in Kansas City, switching the ball over eight ages. Seattle, meanwhile, were starting look like their old egoes as they threw 37 degrees on San Francisco. But does that mean we should forget about how they organized merely a single touchdown in two tournaments against the Dolphins and Rams? And what are we to build of Russell Wilsons knee sprain? Pete Carroll is confident the quarterback will play on Sunday, but will he be his usual mobile ego? Ought we not also to give the Spurts security their due, comprising Kansas City to 24 parts despite the echoed giveaways on the other side of the ball? With the Seahawks tripping meet country, I think this will be close. But, in the end, Im still leaning their method.

Seahawks to win

Carolina Panthers@ Atlanta Falcons( Sunday 1pm ET/ 6pm BST)

The Broncos endowed the conference with a template for defeating Cam Newton, and then the Vikings perfected it. Unrelenting pressure is the key to slowing down the predominating MVP, and Minnesota delivered it like never before as they sacked him eight durations and hit him 12 more on the way to a 22 -1 0 acquire. It goes without saying that Atlantas tutors will be analyse the film and go looking for ways to replicate such success. But do they have the personnel to do it?

A meagre three bags in three recreations( exclusively the Steelers have fewer) show not. Vic Beasley is still not living up to the billing that he received as the No8 overall pick in 2015, and Dwight Freeney plays too few downs nowadays to predominate. Newton can be his own worst adversary, bracing onto the ball too long, but it shouldnt topic against rivals who dont has been able to stimulate him compensate.

Cam Newton is sacked against the Vikings. Image: Jeremy Brevard/ USA Today Sports

Panthers to prevail

Detroit Lions@ Chicago Bears( Sunday 1pm ET/ 6pm BST)

Are the Bears the most difficult unit in the National Football League? They surely own the worst parts differential( -3 8) through three activities, and are currently dealing with hurts to both their starting quarterback and running back. Almost as significant has been the loss of nose tackle Eddie Goldman, a dominating spirit when healthy in the middle of the defensive string. The Lion, with an inconsistent running game, are not best targeted to manipulate his absence but they do at least have something going on offense with Matthew Stafford and Marvin Jones.

Lions to win

Oakland Raiders@ Baltimore Ravens( Sunday 1pm ET/ 6pm BST)

One of simply five squads still undefeated after three activities, are the Ravens challengers or have they plainly benefited from a generous early season schedule? They have hit the Bills, Browns and Jaguars by a combined total of merely 13 parts. A security that has given up less than 260 yards per play will be tested in new ways by a Raiders offense that is averaging more than 430. In particular, Ill be interested to see how cornerbacks Shareece Wright and Jimmy Smith treat their matchup with Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree.

But I like Baltimore to slow an Oakland running game that is not a strong as the numbers through three weeks suggest, and I also think this might be one of those tournaments where the consequences of cross-country wandering and an early time slot come to bear.

Ravens to win

Dallas Cowboys@ San Francisco 49 ers( Sunday 4.25 pm ET/ 9.25 pm BST)

Will Dez Bryant play on Sunday? The statements hairline fracture in knee do not bang specially conducive to vying in a murderous crash boast, but Dallas leader tutor Jason Garrett was still refusing to rule out his whiz receiver on Wednesday. The Cowboys have farther harm difficulties to address, too, with left patrol Lael Collins weeping a ligament in his foot that could stop him out of war for up to 10 weeks. But Ron Leary is a solid replacing, and I would still expect Dallas to be able to run the pellet effectively against resists who have given up consecutive 100 -yard plays to Fozzy Whittaker and Christine Michael.

Then again, Dallass own race defense has been made to look better than it really is by subsequent competitions against resists who either wouldnt or couldnt commit to the sand activity. I expect Carlos Hyde to have a productive afternoon, so this tournament might come down to which of Blaine Gabbert or Dak Prescott can acquire the difference. With or without Bryant, Im taking the rookie.

Cowboys to prevail


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