A former child superstar saved a 4-month-old babe after discovering the infant’s parents had passed out from supposed drug use and crashed their car.

According to police reports gaining access to Fox News, Matthew Underwood realized a car fail to come to a stop at a stop clue and swerving across six traffic lane before gate-crashing into a tree in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

A police spokesman told Fox News Underwood was at the background when “officers were removing the two[ parents] “thats been” subconscious due to their drug use.” Underwood, 26, “took the 4-month-old child out and fetched[ him] next to the officers.”

Underwood played Logan on the smack Nickelodeon series “Zoey 101. ” According to IMDB, Underwood has not behaved in a movie or TV sequence since 2009.

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A press release nations Jessica Ruth Hand, 24, was discovered “unconscious behind the pedal of the car with a syringe in her arm” and John Jacob Rodriguez, 34, was encountered “unconscious in the back seat with a syringe next to him and an newborn son in an unsecured automobile posterior alongside him.”

Hand was arrested for child neglect and property of medication paraphernalia. She later told police she had tried heroin that night, WPTV reports. Rodriguez was arrested for child negligence, wealth of a controlled substance without a prescription, self-possession of medicine paraphernalia and violation of probation warrant.

Underwood told WPTV, “As far as I was referred, they gazed dead.”

He contributed, “I heard a newborn sob and thats when I actually stopped caring about anything that was going on there and I immediately loped around the other side of the car and looked for the baby.”

The former performer said here answering police officer was the real hero.