Just in case you need a reminder theres a toddler who is richer than you, North West affected the streets of New York on Thursday with a Louis Vuitton handbag thats evaluated at almost $1,000.


Meanwhile, Ive never even nursed a Louis Vuitton bag.

Sure, I could pop into a storage and look at them, but the facts of the case I maybe wont be able to descent $1,000 on an accessory any time soon is just more depressing to even go there.

Also, what the hell is a 3-year-old doing with a designer pocket? Isnt it a universally known fact toddlers are red-hot little mess and shouldnt have nice concepts?

I mean, perhaps North isnt your normal toddler you know, the different types to take to the walls with crayons and dine playdough.

Maybe since shes mostly Kim Kardashians mini-me, she knows the best interests of the a good handbag.

But Id still put money on that boy leaving it somewhere and losing itsince toddlers also have a knack for doing that.

I will acknowledge, that pocket is quite adorable. Its so little!

If I assured a 3-year-old strutting around New York City with a minuscule Louis Vuitton handbag hanging off her little forearm, I wouldnt be able tohelp but think it was cute.

Since North owns designer handbags at the age of 3, all we can do is assume shell own her first expensive automobile before she can drive, and her own dwelling before she knows how open her own credit card.

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