Car crash victim and lifelong Buckeyes fan Zach Lawrence, 38, has given his family hope by pressing button twice emphasizing his loathing for football rivals

An Ohio man who returned to the US in a lethargy after sustaining a distressing brain hurt in road accidents overseas has given their own families hope by making clear his antipathy for the country of Michigan.

Zach Lawrence, 38, accepted the trauma in an accident in the former Soviet republic of Georgia in March. He returned to Columbus in April and, the Columbus Dispatch reports, physicians thought he had little chance of waking up. His family was told they could expect to turn off his feeding tube within six to 12 months.

Four months later, though, Lawrence was asked to press a yes or no button in answer to the question of whether or not he liked Michigan. To the thrill of his family, the lifelong Ohio State football fan punched no twice.

Ohio State and University of Michigan are ferocious contenders on the gridiron.

Lawrence has begun stirring announces, impeding his eyes open and smiling at “their childrens”, the newspaper reported. Lawrence is also able to give a thumbs up, stand on a treadmill and deem a crayon or pencil, the better to dye with his six-year-old daughter, Adrianne, and four-year-old son, Donovan.

Lawrences wife, Meghan, credits Ohio State Universitys Dodd Hall rehabilitation hospital for his surprising develop.

Hes now mulls semiconscious, she told the Dispatch, adding that the family were not sure how we got really lucky in order to be allowed to take him in.

He ever makes a appearance when we mention Michigan, she said. Were pretty sure hes in there.

Challenges remain. The Dispatch reported that Lawrences treatment is being paid for by health insurance, which expects a week-by-week improvement in his plight if he is to continue to be treated at Dodd Hall. The lineage told the daily that the relevant recommendations of having to leave the hospital was terrifying.

Were mostly dealing with the healing brain, Meghan Lawrence told the newspaper. He has a long way to disappear, and hes already come such a long way.


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